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Setting up an Uploaded premium account in JDownloader

Before you can begin setting up the JDownloader download tool, you first need to have an Uploaded premium account. If you do not have a premium account yet, you can buy it here. If you need more information, please read through our website. We are happy to assist with any questions you may have.

I now have an Uploaded premium account, what next?

After purchasing your premium account, you will receive an email from Uploaded to the email address you provided during your purchase. In this email, Uploaded will provide you with the login data for your premium account, please save or print out your login data. In case you have not received the email, please check your spam folder.

Download and install JDownloader

The ad-free version of JDownloader can be downloaded here. After selecting your operating system, select download in the browser and choose a storage location on your device. After downloading the file, open it and the program will now download the files needed for the installation from the internet. Then, start the installation process by clicking Next. Select a destination folder where you want to install the program. In the next step, you can select the file types you want to associate with the program, as a rule, you can leave this setting untouched. Now start the installation with a last click on Next. Once the installation is completed, a donation window will appear, you can skip this. Finally, click Finish and start the JDownloader.

Set up your Uploaded premium account in JDownloader

The JDownloader program is already running. Select SettingsSettings. In the settings, navigate to Account Management on the left. Now click on the Add button at the bottom of the window that appears on the right. A window with a list of hosters will open, select or (depending on the version) from this list. Enter your username (number combination) and password in the lower part of the window (you will find both in the email you receive from Uploaded after purchasing your premium account). Then save your input by clicking on Save. The program will briefly check your account data and register the account in the account management. Here you can check how long your Uploaded premium account is still valid and how much traffic you have available.


Congratulations, you have done it, your Uploaded premium account has now been successfully set up. In the future, you can conveniently manage all the files you want to download from Uploaded with your download tool. To add downloads, use the link collector, or use the Click'n Load function or DLC container files if possible.