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How fast will I get my premium account?

You will receive your premium account within a few minutes, except in the case of advance payment. In case you have selected the advance payment option, the final processing of your order can take up to 2 days.

Is sharing a premium account allowed?

The sharing of an Uploaded premium account between several persons is prohibited by their general terms and conditions. Thus, it may occur that Uploaded locks your account for 24 hours or even permanently. The same, however, does not apply to sharing between people in the same household / IP address.

Where can I see how long my premium account is valid?

Log into your account and click on Profile. In case your account status is premium, you will see the validity of your premium account on the right side under Account Information.

How do I cancel my account?

If you do not have a premium subscription in your account, your premium account will expire at the end of the validity period. There is no automatic extension.

What is an Uploaded coupon?

When you purchase an Uploaded premium account, Uploaded will give you a free coupon code with extra premium validity time depending on the duration of the purchased account. This feature was ceased recently.

Is there a way to search for files on Uploaded?

There is no direct search function on the website. Use Google or other search engines to find files shared by other users. It is a good idea to add "" to your search query.

I have more questions, what now?

We failed to answer your questions on our website? No worries, please write us a short message and we will get back to you.