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Date: 04.12.2023

...formerly known under, offers at the web address of the same name one of the most popular file hosting services - and not just in the English-speaking world. offers hosting services to millions of Internet users daily at low cost.

Uploaded's service was discontinued with immediate effect as of November 30, 2022. Those looking for an equivalent alternative are well served by premium account or premium.

Overview of premium accounts payment options
All one-time direct debits - no subscriptions!!! premium Member

The advantages of premium:

  • Downloads begin immediately (direct download)
  • Highspeed Downloads without speed restrictions
  • Support for download managers such as Jdownloader
  • No automatic renewal (No subscriptions)
  • 10GB of free back-up storage (expandable)
  • Ad-free use of the service - premium points

The premium Points are a bonus program. Every time you buy an premium account, you receive a fixed number of points (see overview of premium accounts). You receive 1000 points each time you recruit a friend who then buys themselves an premium account, regardless of the length of the term that your friend chooses. At 10.000 points, offers you the option to renew your premium account for one month at no additional cost. premium speed

There are many reasons to buy an premium account. For one thing, you will no longer be limited to loading one file per hour, which can be troublesome. For another, using a premium account increases the download speed enormously. Instead of 50KB/s, speeds of 12+MB/s (which, of course, require a 100Mbit connection) are possible. This is 250x faster than the speeds for free users! Even if you don't have a high-speed connection, an premium account definitely makes sense for you.

The speeds that you can reach can be seen in the table below:

Your home connection premium Speed Times faster than a Free account
100Mbit (100.000) max. 12,5MB/s 250x
50Mbit (50.000) max. 6,2MB/s 125x
32Mbit (32.000) max. 4,0MB/s 80x
16Mbit (16.000) max. 2,0MB/s 40x
6Mbit (6.000) max. 0,7MB/s 15x download speed with a premium account

If you are not yet convinced of the speed, you can try the following test download. This shows you the speed of one of a premium account. Use the values from the table for comparison. - Storage

10 GByte

Essentially, you can upload as much as you want to However, inactive files (files that were not downloaded) are deleted within 30 days after the last download. With an Premium Account, you have 10GB of "backup storage". This means that files stored there will never be deleted, as long as you store no more than 10GB in your Premium Account. This status is forfeited once the term of your Premium Account has expired. - The limits

With a premium account from all hourly limits and speed restrictions are dropped. However, there are just a few constraints that you should know about. The download traffic for premium users limited to a maximum of 1000GB per month. If you purchase a premium account, you start with a traffic budget of 100GB. Every day, credits your premium account with 30GB, which can be accrued up to a maximum of 500GB. For a better understanding of these sizes, try comparing them to the size of your hard drive. - Support Support

If you have problems, support from is available to you during the week. You can make inquiries using the contact form, by telephone at +1-800-935-0734, or by e-mail at Processing time is generally 1-2 work days (except for telephone inquiries). This may be longer for more complex problems.